TTAP | Turrill Transitional Assistance Program

Turrill Transitional Assistance Program has been providing housing services to homeless for twelve years and is an IRS determined 501(c)3 charitable organization.

Turrill staff and board members work in collaboration with the Veterans Administration Loma Linda Healthcare System (VALLHS) to provide a wrap-around of outpatient services. The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs has awarded us a capital grant and a core grant to assist homeless veterans being serviced by the Loma Linda Veterans Hospital. Turrill provides an evaluation of immediate physical and/or psychological need and transportation to services, temporary housing, which includes their own bed, bedding, hygiene kit, shower/bath facilities, food and phone.

Turrill’s housing program includes working with a case manager to plan and maintain a healthier, more productive lifestyle. New residents work with their case manager to become employed and/or enrolled in job training or higher education program after entering the rehabilitation program. Our program staff works closely with numerous government agencies, employers, employment agencies and job training programs. They help veterans prepare for employment by providing vocational counseling, and courses in job preparedness, dressing for success, resume writing, interview skills, job search skills and fiscal management skills.

We have three types of homeless veterans programs:

  1. Homeless Veterans Emergency Bed Shelter Program (interim housing)
  2. Homeless Veterans Transitional Housing Program (VA funded)
  3. Veterans Treatment Court Program (County Drug Court)
  4. Compensated Work Therapy Program


All people are innately Divine and inherently good.
All people seek to love and be loved.
Some people lose their way, their divinity and their goodness.
Most people can rediscover their way, their divinity, and their goodness through the innately Divine and inherent good of all the others.

While Turrill is not a “religious organization,” nor affiliated with any religious denomination, spiritual health is encouraged as a vital component of recovery.


To reclaim lives from the hopelessness of homelessness and recidivism due to substance abuse and anti-social behavior. To significantly reduce the recidivism rates and therefore stabilizing various groups of the homeless population in the Inland Empire area.


Turrill Transitional Assistance Program is a charitable 501(c)3 recovery organization dedicated to assisting chronically homeless to become stable and free of all forms of drug and alcohol abuse. Our programming promotes and encourages financial independence, healthy living, and self-discipline. We offer structured housing and drug and alcohol treatment services in conjunction with employment counseling.


To guide the indigent client successfully through his placement commitment and reintegrate the homeless individual from abject poverty, isolation and hopelessness. Returning him or her to mainstream society by providing residential accommodations which includes substance abuse and employment mentoring. To promote self-efficiency and personal growth, by providing opportunities for all those who wish to change their lifestyle, via positive fellowship and participation in a appropriate 12-step recovery programs.